21st Century Enlightenment. 21st Century Bullshit.

Bird and cow

Remember the sparrow in warm dung in winter?

Yes I did say it. Bullshit. This concept of us being in the 21st Century, and therefore us being more enlightened, is sheer nonsense. It is nonsense because our concept of “enlightenment” does not equal more maturity, greater depth of character, more kindness shown to others, more evidence of wisdom or a greater manifestation of benevolence. We are running round in the same circle thinking that more knowledge, more data, more studies, more clinical tests and more speeches and declarations would somehow ensure that we become more “enlightened”. We are manifesting the same sets of beliefs in the “goodness” of New Years, New Moons, Birthdays, Anniversaries, National Days, Independence Days and the like, as though observing those “special days” would somehow confer some sort of blessing upon us. We are simply manifesting our lack of strong mettle and therefore our correspondingly continuous descent into victimhood. No, we are not “more enlightened” simply because we are now living in the 21st Century. We will be more enlightened if we walk in wisdom and manifest virtue every day. We will become more enlightened if we choose to abide by universal, non-negotiable principles that govern our everyday lives.

Benevolent ruler kangxiDo not expect people in general to be wiser, more virtuous, kinder, more hospitable, more benevolent, more discerning or have a greater sense of propriety and discretion. If you do, you will be sorely disappointed. Expect rather yourself to be all of those things. For when you do, there is a chance that perhaps just one person will be inspired to follow suit, and then the effects of geometric progression can be allowed to kick in.

Stop moaning and whining about other people not exhibiting the “enlightenment” of the 21st Century. Start showing them how. And that includes rebuke, arrest or even delivering a good kick up their collective derriere. Delivering 9 mm brain haemorrhages and the like ought to be the very last resort after all else has failed.

Stop being positive. Serve. Give people what they need, not what they want. Only then will you make a difference for the better. Only then will there be more enlightenment. Start now!

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