A comment on the 212 movie

212_degreesSimple Truths has a movie called the 212 movie. It is about how a difference of one degree (Fahrenheit, in this case) makes all the difference between no power and steam power.

When I was with Lifeskills Enrichment, I wrote a blog post (now defunct) to expand on this concept. My stand was that the amount of effort, or energy, needed to go from 211° F to boiling point of 212° F was actually much higher than when, say, going from 100° F to 101° F.

So, if you have been disheartened by what seemed to be a very long darkness before the dawn, take heart! It could very well be that you are pouring a lot of energy into what is called the latent heat of vaporization. Keep at it, and you will come to your breakthrough! After all, when you plant a bamboo, you might not see anything above ground for four long years…

Go to it!

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