A lunch conversation with an old friend

Koh Yong JinOn Wednesday 14 Mar 2012, I happened to meet with Koh Yong Jin, an old friend who had served with me in the Armed Forces since the mid-80s. Yong Jin is a Fitness and Conditioning Specialist who helps people live better quality lives by keeping their levels of overall fitness at an optimum level. We were discussing the importance of maintaining fundamentals, and how the idea of “specialization” has been taken too far. Yong Jin shared with me that many people are too “specialized” in the area of physical fitness as well. It is fine to specialize and be highly proficient in a sport or an activity. However, too many people neglect overall health and fitness. Just like “talent”, which needs to spring out of a firm foundation of good character values and a well-harmonized lifestyle, a person needs to maintain a solid base level of physical, physiological, emotional and spiritual fitness in order to genuinely excel at any particular sport or similar activity.

So, if you wish to achieve optimum fitness in order to support your quest for living a more significant life, do yourself a favour and look up Yong Jin now!

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