A Phrase Too Far.

Win Lose Learn

“But then, we might be speaking…a phrase too far…”

Positive speak can literally be taken too far. Just look at the poster above. It talks about being a winner or a learner, never a loser. Now, because most people have brains but are reluctant to use them, this poses the real danger of simply being taken at face value. True, it does speak of an attitude of never giving up. Never giving up, that is. Not to be confused with stubbornness, which is insisting on having your own way even when you know it’s not the right thing to do. Learning something is of no value to you if you’re dead. A false sense of invincibility is far worse than being in sheer terror at the prospect of embarking on something that you know might end in almost certain and irrecoverable loss. Experiencing great fear and going ahead with what needs to be done because it is the right thing to do is what we all need to develop. I don’t advocate betting the farm on everything as a rule of thumb. There are enough situations out there that will present you with that sort of choice. And what a choice!

We need to note here that as long as we know that we are doing what is true, right and just, we will either win or we will learn. Phrases like what I am talking about in this post automatically assume that this is the case with most of us. The sad fact is, even when we know that we ought to be doing what is true, right and just, we have a natural inclination to do otherwise and then justify it. When that happens, we lose big time, because we won’t even know that we are losing! This is where we need to trust our moral gyroscopes and keep moving on. The most important thing is to understand that we are all human, that we CAN lose, we CAN get knocked down, we CAN get ourselves killed and we CAN do bad things ourselves, especially to others. Once we recognize and accept that fact, we would be in a good position to not only handle all the goings-on, changes, adjustments and overturned plans, but to thrive on all those as well!

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