A Woman’s Place is in the Home? Where’s the Man’s Place, then?

There might not be many people who would publicly proclaim that a woman’s place is in the home, man’s place is at the workplace or whatever place brings in the income for the family. That is because of a limited view, a limited concept, of what constitutes home and what constitutes workplace.

In “The Art of War”, the “Normal” and “Extraordinary” Forces can switch roles anytime according to prevailing needs.

“Home” is not a place. It is not an apartment, a villa, a farmstead, a castle, you name it. “Home” is where the heart is. As a certain old song went, “Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home…” Now, I don’t subscribe to that sort of philandering thinking, but the idea is there. Where is your heart? Is your marriage a contract or a covenant? Do you worry more about how you can best contribute or fret over what you’re not getting out of your marriage? How about at the workplace? Do you view your “working hours” solely as a means of getting the money you want and need for the little that is left of the rest of your life, or do you seek to make everybody around you successful?

So. Should a woman’s place be in the home? Of course! So should a man’s! When your hearts are one, you think as a team, and it won’t matter who does what to make your home a place of refuge, hospitality, resources and enterprise. Of course, a woman bears children and has the greater part in raising them when they are infants to toddlers. But then, so does the man!

Stop squabbling over who does what. Live as a team. And remember, home is a place for both. Plus the kids. And whoever needs help and shelter, and maybe some ideas to bounce off.

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