Our main focus is on character and leadership development and sustainment (D & S). Training may be conducted with or without assessments.

For character D & S, the MAXIMIZERS principles by Future Achievement International, with the attendant MERIT profiles can be used. Character First! 49 character qualities and how to develop them are also referred to, but each training program is customized according to the needs.


In line with how character training is conducted, training for leadership D & S can be conducted with or without 360° assessments. The Multi-factor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) and Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) are options. You may request for your own tools or even construct one jointly with us if you so desire. We will give our recommendations according to your requirements.

We also provide “soft skills” training, which are increasingly being recognized as “hard skills”. These are focused on maximizing organizational performance by being proficient in engaging with customers, coworkers, clients, employers, employees, etc. Sub-topics would include communications, workplace ethics, relationships, dealing with dilemmas, working in teams, and related others.

Training is required for three things. One is to increase competence in an existing capability. The second is to increase capacity (enlargement). Lastly, it is needed because the skills and competencies desired do not come naturally to most people.

Depending on the needs analysis that we will jointly conduct from both macro-to-micro and effects of micro-to-macro, all training programs are customized to the current requirements. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all.

We do recommend post-training coaching interventions, whether via engaging external coaches or doing it in-house. Please contact us for more details.

Cellphone: 65-97119005


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