All Men Are Created Equal?

When Martin Luther King declared “We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal”, he inadvertently gave a phrase and a concept for all modern-day Robin Hoods to exploit. Now, I’m certainly no fan of the Sheriff of Nottingham either, but two wrongs don’t make a right. You know by now that I am no fan of Robin Hood, Pirates or movie characters of similar ilk. They are all about promoting what is thoroughly unhealthy for people. Nice stories for your fancies, but the price you pay in terms of a deadened conscience is just terrible.

FairnessAll of us have a great and undying love for equality, justice, fairness and opportunity; especially our own. Yet this truth is also self-evident – that all men are created unique. Each of us, with our different capabilities, capacities, physical attributes and behavioural proclivities, are all nevertheless thoroughly equipped to grow to our fullest potential despite our circumstances, despite environmental constraints, despite social injustice, despite seemingly insurmountable odds. Yes, we all have equal opportunity to make the best of the things we cannot control by growing in ways that are completely within our reach. This is why abominable practices like abortion are so inhuman. They extinguish all chances for the potentially beautiful life to enrich the world by having been here.

So, stop falling for irresponsible calls for “equality”, “fairness” and slogans of similar genre. Recognize that you are unique, and give yourself equal opportunity to maximize yourself.

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