All The King’s Horses, And All The King’s Men…

Humpty DumptySounds familiar? Have you had days that felt like Humpty-Dumpty? How did you respond? Did you jump to your feet, blowing the trumpet for all the King’s horses and all the King’s men to come and salvage the situation? Or did you call for the Royal Physician to assess whether or not Humpty-Dumpty could indeed be brought back to life, or “resuscitated” as we like to say? If the answer was “Dead”, did you still try and bring Humpty-Dumpty back to life? Or did you bury him, get the house back in order, and move on to the next project?

There is a time to die, or let die. But then, there is also a time to be born. Know the times and seasons, and act appropriately.

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