An unexpected referral

One or two weeks ago, I happened to accompany a friend who was looking at some sound and projection systems for his new executive lounge. We went to OSACAR at Sim Lim Square, as my friend was acquainted with the owner, Mr John Lim, who had set up his home karaoke system some years ago. Mr John Lim came over for a site visit and sent a proposal shortly after. That business settled, we went our ways.

This week, I was preparing for a mini-workshop at Hado‘s training room when the owner, Leo, told me that she needed to get a new projector for the training room. Immediately, I recommended Mr John Lim to her and introduced both of them via email. To my surprise, Mr John Lim called me the very next morning and asked for Leo’s contact number. I asked Leo if it was ok to forward her number and she said yes. That very afternoon, Mr John Lim had the projector installed in the training room, and I was the first one to use it!

This is an example of giving referrals with the aim of helping people, and I am grateful that it not only brought value to both seller and buyer, but to a user, in this case me, as well!

Have you given someone a good referral today? Do so! Helping others is always rewarding!

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