Any Objections? Yes, I Object!

Hybrid_Assistive_LimbThe expected answer to the question above would be “No objections.” Is that good? Is that the norm? I once heard Patrick Lencioni say that consensus is a four-letter word. I agree. Consensus is a convenient way of saying that we don’t like what you, the Boss, is saying, but we can live with it. Hey! None of us should be “living with it”, we ought to be totally and utterly committed to it! If we’re not, one of three things obtain: we take a hike, the Boss takes a hike, or the Boss convinces us that he himself is totally and utterly committed to whatever initiative he is talking about! Since the first two choices are unpalatable to say the least, it stands to reason that the Boss convince us that he is totally and utterly committed to the initiative. Furthermore, the Boss continuously seeks our views and inputs and gets us actively involved in its formulation and execution.
BrainstormBosses, we need to demonstrate to our people that we are actively committed to the success of whatever programs we initiate and implement, not only because we want success for ourselves and for the company, but because we care about our people and we want them to be a very real part of that success. A big part.
No objections? Wait, I have huge objections to your “No objections.” I don’t want trailing wheels, I want an all-wheel drive. I want absolute commitment. We will make it together!
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