Are You An Affirmation Junkie?

Be honest. Are you sufficiently at peace with yourself, are you “centered”, do you walk with your head held high, and does your stride say that you have a purpose in life? Or do you live waiting for someone to come up to you and tell you that you’re ok, that they believe in you, that you make their day just by being around?

Affirmation Junkie

None of that makes you an affirmation junkie. Want to know what does? You got it – your motives. Whether it’s self-affirmation or affirmation from others,  what is your motive, why do you need such affirmation? Is your life based upon receiving affirmations, whether from self or others? Would you stop being good and doing good if you don’t get an affirmation every so often?

Mind you, affirmations aren’t bad. In fact, they are great morale boosters. Just make sure that your life, your essence, who you are as a leader, doesn’t depend on whether or not you actually have them!

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