Are You Facing Sexual Harassment At Work?

FlirtProbably yes, whether you’re male or female. Before we go further, let’s establish a few things.

1.     When you put men and women in stressful environments and make them work together and be dependent on each other for long periods of time, they will soon cease to act as working professionals towards each other and start to act more like males and females.

2.     The more stable and fulfilling marital and family relationships are, the lower the tendency for sexual trysts, from flirting to more serious involvements.

3.     It only takes a few good men and women to uphold strong marriages and professional workplace environments and the rest will tend to follow suit.

Do you look forward to going to work each day? Why or why not? If you find your work fulfilling and enjoy it immensely, you will find that you have much lower inclinations for amorous distractions. I have had many occasions to work with female colleagues over the years, and I have always treated them as professional soldiers, albeit ones who were equally adept at putting on mascara as they were at handling machineguns. I did observe, though, that not all male-female working relationships were as professional, and the result was always trouble. How we do anything is how we do everything, is it not?

FlirtatiousIf you find that your work has become onerous and that you drag yourself to work each day, then your mind would not be on the job and would tend to wander off to find the first interesting “favourite waste of time” activity available. This can be online, offline or in the flesh. The result is of course much lower productivity, and then you wonder why you stagnate in the job. Either find ways to love what you do right now, or be fair to your Boss and co-workers, go fire yourself and stop making life difficult for those around you.

People who have a tendency to be “looking for love in all the wrong places, looking for love in too many faces” will attract each other like magnets. In a crowded room, they will find each other like two misguided heat-seeking missiles. What I am saying is that you are also a big factor in attracting sexual harassment to yourself. If you really don’t want that kind of attention, whether you are a man or woman, then work on your primary relationships and make those relationships stronger. If you are a secretary, are you also a family friend? Do you know your Boss’ spouse as a friend as well? Think I’m crazy? Well, think of the alternative situations. Do you want to work in a thriving company or a whorehouse? Your pick.

It helps to dress and carry yourself in a professional manner as well. Men, when you meet a female colleague, do you look first at her cleavage or her countenance? Ladies, will your male co-workers or male bosses think of you as regal or risque? Men, do you put yourself in potentially compromising situations where your lady co-workers are concerned? Ponder on these thoughts if you will, and act accordingly.

The point is, a lot of sexual harassment happens because of our own failure to hold one another in honour and our failure to call each other to account. If you are being sexually harassed at your workplace, work on what we’ve discussed. otherwise either go somewhere else or accept it and stop complaining.

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