Are You LISTing? Why not?

No, I am not talking about listing your business on the Stock Exchange. I am talking about

Leading In Small Things

We all know intuitively that a leader who takes care of the small stuff is a leader who can be trusted. “Small stuff” includes what others might also see as “small people”. Are you squirming in your seat? Good. Read on!

Taking care of the small stuff is not the same as sweating the small stuff. You know the sayings. “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. “Sweat the small stuff”. “For the want of a nail…” and other similar quotes and stories. Which is absolutely terrific. Now, if only you could actually start applying what you already know.

I recommend making a list. You have to get your big rocks in first, of course, but you also have to get the pebbles and fine sand in, too! Make a list. Include one or two “small stuff” items that get you high-payoff results in your business and personal life. Check off the list as you go. I don’t care if you have it on your filofax, calendar, Evernote, whatever, but have it. Check it before dinner and just DO them. It is not just a list, you of course allocate a time slot for doing whatever it is on your list. You will find that your ship remains taut and steady, not listing like so many others.

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