Are You With The “In” Crowd?

animal-farm1You know, the “In” crowd. Insecure. Insincere. Intolerant. Inhospitable. Indecent. Inhuman. Incontinent. Inebriated. Inappropriate. That’s what you will become when you seek to become “special” by joining, or by trying to join, an “exclusive” or “elite” group. I am not saying that we do not pursue excellence. That ought to be a lifelong affair! I AM saying that we’d better be sure we operate out of being comfortable in our own skins, seeking our own growth and promoting the growth of others. That is even more crucial if we happen to be responsible for others, even in ways that we might consider small.
Take Insecurity, for example. We cannot afford to have leaders who are insecure. It is one of the major causes of bad leadership. Insecure people are insecure simply because they have based their lives upon things which can be taken away or destroyed. In a bid to make themselves feel more secure, they will go for the trappings (pun intended) of power. They will spend inordinate amounts of time and energy chasing down every slightest chink or shadow that they think might pose a threat to what they perceive as their own security. They will withhold information from their own people because they have not come to a place where they have made themselves betrayal-proof. They spend sleepless nights planning against highly improbable occurrences which, even if they do occur, would probably be beyond their sphere of control or influence in any case! Insecure people are insecure because they have not grown enough to wield their own power and they have no idea what the true foundations of authority are. Just to illustrate for your understanding: In a football match, the football players have great power, individually and as a team. The pint-size referee has authority. Many people have said that “Power does NOT corrupt. Powerlessness is what corrupts.” They are absolutely right!
Are you with the “In” crowd? Why are you there? What are you doing about growing your OWN power and knowing what authority you stand on?
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