As You Enable, Equip!

SuperheroIn yesterday’s post, I talked about being careful to empower only the right people. Enabling people is helping them in terms of ongoing character development. This is highly intensive, requires investing of your time and energy, and your attitude needs to be right. You empower people because you want to treat them well as people. You need to cast aside the fear that, somehow, if you enable them to take on more power, they might leave you. That is an occupational hazard, so to speak, and you need to take it in stride. After all, there ARE benefits to be accrued if some people do leave you even after all you have invested in them. Look at the big picture and be magnanimous! If people remember you fondly, they might return and become even more profitable to you than they were at the time they left you!

Today, remember that, in parallel with your enabling of your people, you need to help them to multiply their effects. In other words, you need to give them the right and appropriate equipment so they can execute their jobs effectively. You need to create winning conditions so that they will succeed in whatever endeavour you decide to embark upon. Most importantly, you need to train them to be able to acquire multipliers and extend their reach regardless of whether you have provided them with the resources or otherwise.

Above all else, you need to consistently be an example of a Transformational Leader to your people. Nothing inspires as much as that simple phrase “Follow Me!” Everything else takes its cue from there. Even if you arrive at the place where you can lead from the rear and your people don’t even realize it.

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