BBB Workers. Scene One. Now.

We are all born with a will to dominate. None of us are naturally submissive. Those times when we seem to be submissive are really when we’re waiting for the next opportunity we get to be top dog. Some may go through life seemingly “meek” and subservient. (By the way, to me, meekness is actually “Power under God’s control”.) That’s while waiting for the one chance to “break out” and be able to strut their stuff. Hopefully, to continue breaking through and not end in breaking down. We are all dominant in mindset and this quote, variously attributed to different people, says it well: “Diplomacy is the art of letting others have YOUR way.” Yes, we all want to be the rock star on the current set, and we want to be the rock star in our own way. So put to rest all that hype about personality types, introverts, extroverts, ambiverts and what not. They’re just preferences and focusing on preferences leads us nowhere. Even when we profess to be working “behind the scenes”, what is happening most of the time, I trow, is that “behind the scenes” is just another way of dominating in a preferred sphere. True “behind the scenes” people will manifest their effects even if they are highly visible “frontline” folk.

I’m looking for people willing to be BBB workers. Before, Behind and Beyond, that is. People who understand that the real Sage on the Stage of Life is none other than God Himself. If you don’t want to acknowledge God, at least understand that a Higher Power owns the Stage and perhaps you will reconcile with God one day. To continue, Before is the stage happening all the time. It is otherwise known as Preparation. If you’ve spent your life in frontline bread-and-butter work, you will know what I mean. What have you been doing preparing yourself to be useful to others now? How have you been preparing others for when their turn comes to give what they’ve got when the curtains open? And while others are strutting their stuff, what are you doing Behind the scene in support of the show? And what are you thinking of in preparing for what will come Beyond the current show? What future Position are you going to take up, and what are the various Postures you need to flow in and out of as you take the most expedient Pathway there?

I get tired of people criticizing their leaders and condemning them for every slip-up they make with their words and perhaps some inappropriate vocalizations. People do know that when subject to the same scrutiny, we would probably not measure up in its harsh glare either. How about rushing to be second fiddle? How about having the mindset of a Chief of Staff? When are we going to be willing to be BBB workers? Are you one?

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