Better Buyers. Better Bias.

We seem to be more concerned with the success of sellers than the success of buyers. Look at the plethora of sales courses, supporting software, apps, tricks and treats, secret sauces and so forth that all claim to make us better sellers. I don’t see the same kind of enthusiastic support for buyers, though. Perhaps we’re missing something.

Do you think it’s important for us to focus on the buyer’s success? Maybe that’s something which the Better Business Bureau might like to look into. Being Better Buyers. One way is to get our Buyers to have Better Bias. Towards their own success. Towards using us to get to their own success.

How are you going to train your buyers? Then perhaps you might not need to sell so much. Share with us!

Buying and selling is important and are some of the things we discuss, get coaching on, and become accountable to each other with actions and outcomes. Join us here: Membership Signup.

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