Birds-Eye View. Third-Eye View. The Importance of Many Perspectives

Some of us might have heard of the “Third Side” and the “View from the Balcony” as well. While this postulates a good way of resolving conflicts by bringing in neutral (hopefully) and objective (pray) mediators, ensuring that the process of resolving conflicts includes as many helpful perspectives as possible is just one application of the concept. Standing in one location looking at different vistas is one set of perspectives. Looking at one object or set of objects from a variety of viewing points is another. Observing what the object looks like under ultraviolet or infrared light is yet another set of perspectives. Handling the object, ascertaining what it feels like, smells and tastes like gives us more information. Noting how the object behaves mechanically and how it reacts chemically give further insights into what it is and what can be done with it.

OwlHow open are you to getting perspectives from different sources and using those perspectives to your advantage? You might think that you are open. Consider then how often you have invited people within your company to help in projects they might not have anything to do with directly as far as their primary job scopes go. Have you engaged external consultants who may have no technical expertise whatsoever where your industry is concerned? Or do you prefer to stick to consultants who have expertise related to the project you have at the moment?

Getting viewpoints from people who know next to nothing about your business is supremely good for your business. Tap on their wisdom and practical life experiences. Your company would be the better for it!
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