Black Friday?

Yes, with a question mark. Not being an American, I have never paid much attention to Black Friday. I never thought it would figure much in Singapore, but it apparently has to some degree. Today’s local newspaper had a four-page spread featuring Black Friday sales at Robinsons. It caught my eye because Robinsons started out as a British-owned store. Black Friday has spread.


Do YOU know what Black Friday is? Look it up and then tell me what you think! The only reason Black Friday came into my consciousness is that it apparently follows Thanksgiving. Now, do you know what Thanksgiving really is? Don’t fret if you don’t because many Americans don’t know either, and it’s supposed to be an American holiday! Look up Thanksgiving, too, and tell me what you discovered!

As you go through life, do you take the time to understand the “Whys” of your busy schedule? Does what you do daily express your raison d’etre? Share your thoughts!

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