Blase. Blah Say…


Been there, done that? Seen this movie before? What’s so great about that? This is obviously a scam? Hmmmm… Ho hum… Do you feel as if life has nothing exciting to offer any more? Are you resigned to an existence in the cesspools of the cynics? Wearily facing the “Same old, same old” so-sos?

Stop it! The reason you are so blase is because of excessive blah-say. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. How often have you told yourself that there is nothing to look forward to? That the deal will fall through because something will crop up and demolish it? That your Boss will have some last-minute, urgent and important task for you, something not urgent nor important, actually, but because your Boss’ pet, as usual, didn’t get her job done and you have to take up the slack? That the next project for your most important customer will be fouled up because your staff simply can’t take instructions?

Blah blahStop all that blah-say! Words influence us and those around us much more than we care to admit. We set ourselves up for failure and then mope around expecting the worst to happen because “C’est la vie!” And of course the worst happens, because we’ve programmed ourselves to expect the worst and therefore act in order to bring about the worst. “C’est la vie!” simply means “That’s life!” It is a neutral phrase. We can say it with great and high expectations or we can say it with a resigned dread. It’s up to YOU! Don’t blame it on your Reticular Activating System (RAS). Your RAS will filter and focus what YOU filter out and focus on; it’s a tool that is supposed to support you, not control you!

So, still feeling blase? Stop all that blah-say. Replace your blah-say with “bon-say” and enjoy all the riches that life has to offer! Bon apetit!

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