Can Lovingkindness be Surveyed?

I came across this article on my LinkedIn feed called “Loving-Kindness is good for work. Really?” Do have a read. “New” research along these lines is always good for us, even when it’s not really new. We need to have more and more genuine conversations on things like this. Intelligent conversations. Purposeful conversations. Conversations which lead to internal change and more ennobling workplace cultures.

We need to look beyond surveys. We need to ask questions like how we can test the veracity of statements like “Loving-Kindness is good for work. Really?” in an everyday, practical, observable manner. In short, what effects does an increase in lovingkindness at work produce? Does workplace bullying decrease? How much more sustainable output has there been over the quarter, over the year? Have sick days declined? Do people look you in the eye when they speak? Are your customers buying more and paying you happily and on time? How much more customer praise are you receiving versus complaints? These questions and many more, I trow.

Be loving. Be kind. And know and understand the reasons why. Conduct your surveys, by all means. And look beyond those surveys at what happens in real life to flesh-and-blood people.

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