Can we bear being Berean?

The Bereans were a group of early Christians from Berea who had a reputation for checking the Scriptures daily to see if any particular preacher, even such a one as the Apostle Paul, was actually speaking truth or confusion as measured against the Word of God. That seems to be a rare enough quality, not only then but even now. Thomas Sowell has cautioned time and again that we ought to refrain from making proclamations about things we know nothing or very little about, as if what we proclaim ought to be taken as Gospel truth. That caution seems to have largely gone unheeded.

I was listening to two gentlemen waxing lyrical over how the war in Ukraine was going. I had to remind myself to just shut up and ignore the triumphant prognostications which seemed to me to be based on whatever genre of YouTube videos appealed to them at the time. None of them appeared to have any experience being in SIT rooms. Nor did they seem to understand the importance of having boots, eyes and ears on the ground. Nor did they seem to appreciate what “perception management” implied. Indeed, very few seem to understand that “Battles are dangerous affairs” and that “He who struggles for victory with naked blades is not a good general.”

Listen. Assess if what you’re listening to is actually worth listening to. Ask questions. Cross examine if you can. Go to source documents or other references if available. If you do watch videos, ask what would have been required if those videos had been done by YOU.

So, you want to be Berean in outlook? Sure. What does it take for you to bear being a Berean?

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