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Standardization? What Is THAT?

Standardization. The rallying cry of optimization maximizers. In today’s innovation-centric environment, this might sound a little ho-hum to you. Which way are you inclined, optimization-centric or innovation-centric? Think you can’t have both? Think again! Really, this economics of exclusion has gone deep into the bones. Manifests in all areas of our lives, doesn’t it? Anyway, […]

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I Don’t Like To Lunch Alone. No One Does, Do You?

I came across an article about “Why Apple Employees Never Wanted To Have Lunch With Steve Jobs” on Business Insider Singapore this morning and wondered how many times the same thing could be said about ourselves. Ourselves being in Steve Jobs’ shoes, so to speak. Apart from the fact that I strongly advocate us having […]

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Birds-Eye View. Third-Eye View. The Importance of Many Perspectives

Some of us might have heard of the “Third Side” and the “View from the Balcony” as well. While this postulates a good way of resolving conflicts by bringing in neutral (hopefully) and objective (pray) mediators, ensuring that the process of resolving conflicts includes as many helpful perspectives as possible is just one application of […]

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Space-Eye View, Feet On Ground

I’ve just completed a day and a half facilitating a teambuilding session under the auspices of my allies Fish Camp Learning Sdn Bhd. Participants were put through their paces with both challenging outdoor and indoor activities, including sea rafting, and had the opportunity to know each other much better. They were very cohesive and definitely […]

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