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Personality Clashes At Work? Really? Take Two Assessments And See Me In The Morning.

Conflicts at the workplace are often attributed to “personality differences”. Probe a little more and you get “personality weaknesses” that accompany “personality strengths.” So, when deploying your people, it is “wise” to deploy them according to complementary “personality strengths” in order to compensate for “personality weaknesses.” How convenient. Take two aspirins and see me in

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Help! I’m An Introvert!

I’ve shared before about Susan Cain’s talk at TED, about “The power of introverts”. Recently, someone shared “10 myths about introverts” on Facebook. I thought they were interesting, and I encourage you to look them up if you haven’t done so yet! Who’s asking for help? Who thinks introverts are asking for help? Who says

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Psychometric Tools. Be DISCerning!

The more I deliver and participate in people development endeavours, the more I am convinced that all psychometric instruments are great snapshots of the people involved. They might even be great X-ray snapshots, but they are still snapshots. Snapshots are great conversation starters. They ought to be springboards toward great and fruitful relationships, but often

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I Love You Just The Way You Are…But Too Much To Let You Remain That Way

This came to me after I’d finished delivering a short introduction to behavioural styles to the C-suite of an international insurance company in Kuala Lumpur. I realized that the old song by Billy Joel, which is the first part of the title, described how we ought to relate to others, especially those with behavioural styles

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A thought about the JOHARI window

I’ve used the JOHARI window many times in the sessions that I deliver. It’s also known as the “Trust Model”. Developed by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham, for those who don’t know yet. Listened to a recorded webinar just now. I missed the live one last week because of internet connectivity issues in Port Dickson. As I listened,

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