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Category Archives: Networking

Navies Are For Networking!

I’ve never been in the Navy or Merchant Marine. I’ve been a landlubber all my life. Having been something of a gymnast when I was younger, I suppose I’d be a little more adaptable to the pitching, rolling and yawing in heavy seas than the average landlubber, but I’ve never tried, so I can’t say […]

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Wannabe Entrepreneur? Try Intrapreneurship First!

Tired of your job? No one appreciates how wonderful and valuable you really are? Sack your Boss and become an entrepreneur? Sure, do that! But before you do, you might like to consider the following intrapreneurship qualities: 1.     Are you REALLY good at your current job? Ask your co-workers. Not directly, ask around […]

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Changing Things At Work? Wait. Know The Whys Yet?

You come into the job eagerly, with high expectations, perhaps a degree or two behind you, or perhaps with some years of experience under your belt. Your interviews had gone very well, and you look forward to making a big difference together with your new co-workers and managers. Yes, this is your dream job! Six months […]

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The Organismic Company. Think Organic, not Monolithic!

Yes, I’ve been referring to the organismic company for a while now. And yes, I’ve been coming across posts and articles talking about how to make “Industrial Age” companies more organic, how to have better Job Descriptions, how to have more flexible Organization Charts and how to better tap on the vast Knowledge Bank that […]

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Communities Of Practice. Consciousness Of Practice.

Communities of Practice? A community of practice (CoP) is a group of people who share a craft and/or a profession. The concept was first proposed by cognitive anthropologist Jean Lave and educational theorist Etienne Wenger in their 1991 book Situated Learning  (Lave & Wenger 1991). Just because there’s a community doing it doesn’t mean it’s […]

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I Don’t Like To Lunch Alone. No One Does, Do You?

I came across an article about “Why Apple Employees Never Wanted To Have Lunch With Steve Jobs” on Business Insider Singapore this morning and wondered how many times the same thing could be said about ourselves. Ourselves being in Steve Jobs’ shoes, so to speak. Apart from the fact that I strongly advocate us having […]

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Preferences Aren’t Limitations

They’re possibilities. Expressions of possibilities, to be exact. When will we stop thinking about our preferences as limitations? Yes, we all have basic preferences, as we are all designed differently, and our different preferences, tastes and inclinations make up for a very interesting and diverse mix. We all have preferences when it comes to clothing, […]

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Getting Business Units To Become Strategic Members

“HR seems to place more obstacles than provide solutions”. “Finance is utterly inflexible. Can’t they see what we need?” “We need to deliver the goods NOW! Why does Logistics take so long?” “Silo mentality” is a common complaint that we don’t want to hear about every day. Of course, any business would like to break […]

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