CEP. Currently Estimated Potential. Or Character Expression Potential?

CEPIf you happen to be from the Band of Brothers I used to work with, or if you happen to be in HR or equivalent, you might be familiar with the term “Currently Estimated Potential.” It is meant to be an assessment of how far an individual is likely to advance given his performance so far, or at least during the current assessment period. It has also been called “Career End Point” for reasons which are obvious to many, of which one was obviously that conditions for everyone reaching his or her potential weren’t exactly optimal. Then again, it wasn’t as if we couldn’t have done anything to change that. Those who subscribed to that belief often sank into a morass of despondent cynicism. Those who didn’t just soldiered on as professionals. Maybe that’s why beer was provided at subsidized rates. It was both figuratively and literally a painkiller.

CEP_CharacterEnter a new meaning for CEP: “Character Expression Potential”.

What is that? Well, we are all designed with different mental capacities, physical attributes, behavioural preferences, skill sets and innate strengths. We are born into different unchangeables of time in history, nationality, ethnic group, birth order, parents, social status and so on. Too many people worry about those things, which cannot be changed, or at least are changeable at great cost. Too few are concerned with the CEP of Character Expression Potential.

What do I mean by that? Well, regardless of race, language, religion, IQ, EQ, SQ, etc, all of us can be more:

  1. Responsible.
  2. Benevolent.
  3. Bold.
  4. Decisive.
  5. Diligent.
  6. Creative.
  7. Dependable.

That is just to name a few. Be invited to work on your Character Expression Potential. As you do, you will find that your Currently Estimated Potential will rise. And your Career End Point will be what you choose it to be.

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