Clash Of The Values

Core values egThere is a notion that seems to be rather ubiquitous. That notion is that personal values must be in alignment with organizational values or clashes between values may occur, resulting in impaired work performance. Excuse me. Saying something like that reminds me of what I read somewhere, Harvey MacKay, I think, which asks “Have you ever seen a bad resume?” Likewise, has anyone ever seen corporate values that would generally be defined as bad? Would any rational human being have values, espoused values, at least, that would be generally frowned upon? Right, I didn’t think so, either. This is just another example of barking up the wrong tree. Of avoiding the root issues by throwing out decoys. There is no such thing as a clash of personal values and corporate values. The root issue is that of corporations, and individuals, having values that are more espoused than actual. Before you snort in righteous and wrathful indignation, take a minute or two to reflect. Then call me at +6597119005 if you would like us to work together to iron things out where values are concerned.

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