Climate Change Chimera

This morning, I was assaulted yet again by alarm bells of “anthropogenic rising global temperatures” leading to our eventual demise, and that of this planet with us.

Please read the article on climate change in its entirety, and then tell me what you think. The link to the article is here:

Look through the various references and come to your own conclusions. I take the same stand as the article. There is no global “climate emergency” and leaders who must make decisions that matter, whether with regard to policies based on fallacies or otherwise, need to look at the facts. A lot of the so-called “sustainable” initiatives wildly chased after now will hurt the poor the most.

I am reproducing here the summary from the article on climate change referred to earlier:

1. The politicization of climate science has led to corruption of the science.

2. Over the last 100 years or so, the CO2 level has been increasing. However, the temperatures over that time have not been consistent with the hypothesis that human-generated CO2 is the prime cause of temperature increases.

3. The science is not ‘settled’, or there would be one model, not over a hundred, that attempts to predict the global temperature. Furthermore, the official climate models that have predicted up to 4.5°C of global warming with a doubling of the CO2 have failed all five tests applied to them. They should be rejected.

4. Because positive feedback does not operate, the warming from a doubling of the CO2 is likely to be less than 1°C, which would be beneficial to life on earth. Indeed, this is less than the 1.5°C of warming that the draconian policies formulated to limit CO2 production were set to achieve, based on the failed models.

5. The impact of global warming on various natural disasters has been hyped and is not supported by the evidence.

6. There is no climate emergency.

7. The economic impact of radical policies to limit CO2 will most seriously hurt the poorest people.

8. Because humans are intelligent and industrious, we can apply our God-given abilities to solve many (real) environmental issues, especially if we are guided by a Christian worldview.

Climate change emergency is definitely a chimera. Get perspective, and act accordingly.

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