Comfort Zone. Twilight Zone.

Many years ago, there was a television series called the “Twilight Zone”, which featured mysterious, paranormal-type events. Pretty scary stuff, in those days. At least, watching the episodes made your hair stand on end. Recently, we of course have had the “Twilight” series, which, as I understand, features werewolves and other similar things. I don’t know, never watched any. Same genre. Whatever it is, the “Twilight Zone” is not where I would want to spend a good portion of my life.

corn-field twilight

I wrote elsewhere that “comfort zones” aren’t all bad. We actually need to spend some amount of time in them. Do you need sleep? Good to sleep in a comfort zone. Even when out in the field, a good soldier always makes sure he makes himself as comfortable as possible, in order to prepare for an impending operation and also since he doesn’t know when his next period of sleep will be. Do you sometimes need to crawl away into some secret cave to lick wounds? Make sure it’s comfortable, too! Need a place to dream big? That ought to be comfortable as well! Oh, by the way, did you realize that some growth actually occurs in comfort zones? So, recognize that we do need to spend some time in our comfort zones. Trouble is, we tend to spend too much of our time there!

When we spend too much time in our comfort zones, we tend to become like the proverbial zombies of the Twilight Zone. Indolence leads to sluggishness, lowered productivity, sicknesses and eventually death. Like the zombies, when we dwell too long in our comfort zones, we acquire a famished frenzy for what cannot really satisfy. In the process, we kill many others.

So, make sure your comfort zone is a peaceful twilight zone where you can rest , recover, dream and  grow. Just ensure that you don’t stay too long, or you might find it becoming the other “Twilight Zone”. What’s a comfort zone for you, and how much time do you spend there?

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