Complexities And Complications. Simple, Really.

Are you perplexed? Run into some things that are too complex for you? Even the dictionary has gotten the words mixed up!

Well, not to worry, it’s pretty simple, really. Just as contentment is not the same thing as complacency, complexities are not the same as complications.

Complexity involves the integration of things and systems to produce something, living or otherwise, more wonderful in form, appearance and function.


Complicatedness, on the other hand, introduces things and systems that hamper the production of something more wonderful in form, appearance and function.

You are a very complex being, but you are certainly not complicated, or your function as a human being would be impaired. In like manner, is your organization a complex or a complicated one? What about your processes, your procedures and so on? Does your complexity add to intricacy and supportive systems which possess enough information and integration to grow on their own? Or are they complicated to the extent of sabotaging your own sustainable profitability?



Think about it! Develop your organization, by all means. Just make sure you are introducing complexities that makes everyday operation simple. Not complicatedness that keeps sapping you of energy because of great and unnecessary internal friction. Complexity necessitates a mastery of various skills and competencies in order to integrate and bring coherence to highly intricate, interwoven designs and systems. Just think about the design of the human eye. Some say that it is badly designed, but when you examine it closely, you will see wonderful evidence of fantastic design overall!

So, welcome complexities and eschew complications. One manifestation of complicatedness, by the way, is always wanting to “think out of the box” when you don’t even know what the box is! Be diligent! Become a master of your current job in your current circumstances. Then you will be qualified enough to discern things that can genuinely be improved!

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