Content Consumers?

The term “Content Consumer” has been with us for a while now. Have you wondered what it means? Are you a “Content Consumer”? Do you “Produce Content” for others to “Consume”? What is “Quality Content”? Would you say that you are a “Quality Content Consumer” and/ or a “Quality Content Creator”? How do you know?

We are all generally deluged with content every day. Some of us are careful with what we consume while others complain about being overwhelmed with too much junk. Still others voice concerns over privacy and fears of being exploited by marketers. We all want to be kept in the know when good stuff is available. We want to buy good stuff as cheaply as we can and perhaps sell our own content for as high a price as others are willing to pay us for. Everyone is selling and everyone is buying. So how do we discern what’s really good for us to “consume”? Would we be as concerned with the quality of what we produce or do we focus on ways to get as many people to buy whatever content we happen to create?

The answer is that it’s really up to each and every one of us. We choose what we want, so stop whining about being overwhelmed by huge volumes of mostly useless or irrelevant or even harmful content. I consume lots of content myself. I don’t simply take in everything without chewing on it and figuring out whether it makes sense or how much of it is fact and how much is conjecture. Conjecture is perfectly acceptable if you know that it’s the content creator’s viewpoint or opinions and may not necessarily be similar to your own interpretations of the same set of facts. Everyone has an opinion. The important thing is to note whether those opinions fit the facts.

Someone shared a video with me recently. It’s called “Q&A session with Dr Paul Ananth Tambyah on the COVID situation in Singapore” and I’ve embedded it here.

My take is that Dr Paul Thambyah is definitely knowledgeable about COVID, vaccines, epidemics in general and so forth. There is of course a lot of debate within medical and epidemiological circles as to what’s best to do and we should expect that as the body of knowledge and expertise is still growing. Dr Paul Thambyah mentions that he would rather go with the “tried and true” COVID 19 vaccines based on the actual viruses which have been rendered impotent or “inactivated”. He prefers that to going with the newer mRNA vaccines because of the fact that the old “inactivated” genre of vaccines have been given to humans since the last century and they are proven. Well, I don’t disagree, but I am also not averse to having the mRNA vaccines either. As a whole, we do know how human bodies respond to vaccinations as we do have lots of experience and there is really nothing to be fearful of. Dr Paul Thambyah also touched briefly on minimum wages and treatment of foreign workers. I’ve stated my stand before on minimum wages. I don’t think they are a good thing and I am a free market proponent. Companies hire foreign workers because the wages of foreign workers are extremely low, even if they might be considered high in their home nations. I have never thought that dependence on foreign labour is a good thing. But that’s an aside.

I would encourage you to look up the video that I am also embedding below. Dr Rob Carter presents his knowledge on COVID 19 testings and how they work. When we “consume content”, we need to also follow the nutritional adage of having a “balanced diet”. See what Dr Rob Carter has to say about Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing, which Dr Paul Thambyah also mentioned. Tell me what you think!

I would like to share another video here also. This is “The Rich Singapore Economy” by Global Economics. Do have a watch and let me know what your questions are!

The video describes the reasons for Singapore’s economic success, most of which are already well known worldwide. It also talks about “income inequality” and “freedom of people and press”. I am not worried about income inequality unless it is obvious that the rulers of the people, and I mean those of any nation, are using their positions of power and influence to enrich themselves at “the people’s” expense. While this is of course anecdotally true, we need to realize that it cannot happen unless it is part of the mainstream culture of that people group or nation. Despots will be overthrown by other despots until the nation decides to go by the “rule of law”, meaning that people decide to be just. Giving workers a just wage, paying what they deem each product or service is worth in their own eyes and letting the free market regulate commerce and everyday life. Government restricting themselves to making the land a safe and secure place for living in and keeping their fingers out of everyday business. As for the “freedom” indices of people and press, I really don’t think that Singapore deserves such a bad reputation. I know that if we follow the adage “With great freedom comes great responsibility” we would do very well indeed, thank you very much. What people who trumpet “freedoms” for others according to some index do is to raise desires, not for freedoms, but for licentiousness, because without responsibility that is what touted “freedom” really is.

So there you have it. Consume as much content as you need or want. Be circumspect. Search out diligently what has been presented and decide for yourself what is true and useful for yourself.

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