Does Democracy Make a Nation Strong?

A few days ago, while waiting for the feeder bus, I happened to notice a student reading what appeared to be some sort of in-house newspaper. The heading of the article was “Does Democracy Make a Nation Strong?” or words to that effect. I was rather intrigued and reflected on it during the commute to work.


Well, DOES democracy make a nation strong? What IS democracy, anyway, government “of the people, by the people, for the people”? What does that really mean? What about other forms of government? Monarchy, anarchy, malarkey? Which is the best? Is there a “best”? Do the people of any nation actually determine what form of government they should be having?

I think that any nation or people group actually chooses who governs them in whatever way. People choose their tribal leaders, their dukes, their kings and emperors, and then try to dislodge them when those rulers, or their descendants/ successors become too oppressive for their liking. Well, the record so far seems to indicate that benevolent rulers, be they dictators, emperors, sultans, khans, prime ministers or presidents, come few and far between. The record also indicates that whenever a nation or people group based its societal mores on solid moral principles, then those people enjoyed far more fruitful and happier lives, regardless of the prevailing form of government.

Think about it! Even oppressive regimes need support from somewhere! How did dictators like Adolf Hitler, Stalin, etc., rise to power? Sure, there was a lot of treachery, propaganda, state instruments like secret police, etc., but, really, who voted or allowed them to rise to power? The people of the nation.

So, people, remember that you are responsible for your government. Whatever form or nature it eventually shows itself to be. It is strong, foundational character values that make a nation strong. People of strong mettle and good moral values will choose governments that are of like nature. So, choose to promote good character wherever you go.  Your grandchildren will thank you for it!

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