Dependence on Institutions Breeds Corruption

A post by Geopolitical Futures’ Dr George Friedman on the state of universities nudged me to share this. The link to his article is attached. So are links to videos of separate conversations between the Honourable John Anderson and Professors James Tooley and Salvatore Babones. Do take the time to read and watch. I assure you they are well worth your time, and do also read or listen to Thomas Sowell’s “A Tale of Two Visions” while you’re at it.

Nations which start out as God-fearing nations, or at least have the good sense to declare that all rulers of the nation are subject to a Higher Law or Great Law just like anyone else, have a propensity to establish national and societal institutions so that people would be free to worship as they like, or not worship as they like. This is the underpinning of any free and open society – a Higher Power and Authority. Sans this, the society would tend to devolve to depending on highly fallible institutions, and thereby fall into decay, even if those institutions have inbuilt repair and adaptation mechanisms. The other concepts deemed dear to all men are of course ownership of private property, a decent life and so forth.The historical record bears me out on this, methinks, but let me know if you disagree, and present your findings.

I maintain that looking to institutions to maintain the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness leads only to corruption. We ought to look higher than those institutions, worthy as they might be in their own right. Walter Williams did mention that, for a free market to exist, there has to be a high level of morality, of civic-mindedness, plain human decency and so forth. Professor Salvatore Babones talks about how universities have been serving their own ends, not what students, parents, employers and the nation needs. Being myself, not an academic but a pracademic, I rely on the works of academics, since I have neither time nor resources to examine hard data for myself. However, I do have the ability to discern what is likely true or at least not proven false, and I offer growth in that same area to you who happen to read this. Get in touch with me if you would like that!

Geopolitical Futures’ Dr George Friedman’s article on “America’s Institutional Crisis”.

The Honourable John Anderson and Professor James Tooley’s conversation.

The Honourable John Anderson and Professor Salvatore Babones’ conversation.

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