Desiring Your Dilemmas

DecisionsNo, I haven’t gone bananas. Not yet, anyway. You might be thinking “DESIRE dilemmas? Who needs dilemmas, who wants to ever be caught in a devil and deep blue sea kind of situation?” Well, of course nobody wants that. We gravitate away from pain and towards pleasure. No, we don’t WANT dilemmas, thank you very much, the most we’ll do is to DEMOLISH those dilemmas if and when we encounter them. Is that what you think? Great! Now, describe to me – what did YOU do the last time you were faced with a dilemma? Did you even recognize it for what it was? A situation where you had to make a tough choice, and whatever choice you made was going to be unpleasant. Think about it for a while. You can get back to me when you recall what it was, and what you did.
I say that we need to desire dilemmas. It is one of the ways we will know that we are actively growing, actively charting out new territory, gaining new skills, developing new businesses, meeting new clients, discovering new needs and the like. I said in another post that we ought not to be working at full tilt all the time, but ought to be more in “two-third ahead”. That’s for most of the time. Polishing existing skills and capabilities. Increasing capacities. Staying great at what we do great. And also, maybe ten or twenty percent of the time, strike out and probe for new shores, new territories, make new discoveries.
When you think of being faced with dilemmas in that manner, congratulations! It means you’re growing. Remember to bring your people along with you as well!

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