Destroying Jobs. Really.

Road JunctionHow can a job be destroyed? It is like saying that a road is being diverted. You don’t divert roads, you divert traffic. You realign roads. Rivers can be diverted, aircraft can be diverted, but not roads. Jobs cannot be destroyed. They get obsolescent or obsolete. (Yes, there is a slight difference, go look it up yourself).

The idea of jobs being destroyed is not about the jobs being destroyed. It’s about the people who hold those jobs. These people get destroyed because they refuse to grow. They expect to be able to be doing the same jobs, drawing the same pay, getting the same benefits, even if those jobs become unnecessary. Even when those jobs cease to have any more value. The people who hold such jobs refuse to get themselves retrained or upskilled.

When we use terms like job destruction, we destroy people. We trap them in self-defeating beliefs. Mind your language. Liberate someone today!

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