DNA and Singapore Police. Using text as data?

Worried about your DNA sample being taken or abused? Don’t.

As time goes on, we will acquire more and more data, information and hopefully, increased understanding of “How Things Work”. The CNA article on empowering Singapore’s Police to collect DNA samples in more situations is part of that growing body of information, knowledge, etc.

This is natural, and we can expect more to come. Understanding of how the DNA works has been increasing, and many previous theories about how DNA works have been cast aside in the wake of new discoveries. See my previous post on “My takeaways from CMI’s four-dimensional genome” for example. Will we be able to integrate new information and new discoveries into our systems, whether law enforcement or otherwise, right away? Probably not. It’s always been a journey, and what we need to do is to remain steadfast in journeying to worthwhile destinations.

Using data from DNA to solve crimes or other mysteries not of the criminal kind seems to me to be like using text as data in policy decisions. There is whole series of videos on the Hoover Institution’s YouTube channel if you are interested. Both will not comprise be-alls and end-alls, but they tend towards that direction. As for privacy concerns, no state would respect any citizen’s privacy if that privacy is to conceal information deemed vital to the continued well being of the entire nation. Of course, information can be manipulated to the whims of caprice, just remember the “Black Cabinet” a few centuries ago, but that is human and can only be controlled to a degree. But at least there is control. Self-control.

So, don’t be worried by Singapore Police having greater powers to take DNA samples, unless those crimes listed happen to be part of what you occupy yourself with. Stop gossiping and maintain a decent level of online security. Maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Give way to others, and especially public buses getting out of bus stops. Live well!

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