Do Successful People Have it Easy?

Do you know of people who seem to be successful no matter what they turn their hands to? Have you ever wondered how they manage that? Is it because they came from good, nurturing and loving families, had a privileged education, or simply inherited their wealth? Is it because they had all the “good breaks” in life? Even if you think not, do you secretly harbour thoughts to that effect? If so, time to straighten out your thinking!

Consider the eagle in the short video. Even a raptor wonderfully designed to catch its prey has challenges in life. It does not “score” on each try! The eagle has to work hard in order to get its food, and it has all the “technology” already inbuilt! The hare also has “inbuilt technology” – camouflage, speed and agility. The hare has to work hard to stay alive, too!

Successful GirlSo, stop looking enviously at people who are successful. Look at your own “inbuilt technology” and ask yourself if you are using it to optimal capacity.

Only then will you be able to Make Things Happen!

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