Do Yourself A Favour, You Imbecile. Read!

SillyOffended? Why, are you an imbecile? Labels like “imbecile” and “moron” evoke feelings of contempt and damnation and most sensible folk would rather avoid their use. Which is exactly why I use them, since I can hardly be classified together with “sensible folk.”

People don’t like to be called “imbecile” or “moron” and take offence when such epithets are used on others. Why? Besides the noble reasons of not condemning another person unjustly, of not wanting to fail to act charitably in offering any help you might have to offer, why do we feel offended? Take note – nerves serve a purpose. When we feel pain, when we feel offence, when we feel anger, it is a signal that something is not right. Now, besides wanting to stamp out such evil from the world, could another reason be that we feel slighted because, if we are honest with ourselves, we actually feel guilty of behaving in an imbecilic, in a moronic, manner?

We claim short attention spans for ourselves, causing marketers to frantically seek out the best ways to convince us of the desirability of certain brands. Sales people frantically broadcast messages trying to get our attention and to get us to buy stuff we don’t really need or even want. We flit from one fad to another, gorging ourselves with all that this world has to offer, and are never contented. (Note: contentment is NOT the same as complacency!)

What can we do? One thing I recommend. Stop. Relax. Pick up a GOOD book. Read it cover to cover. Pause. Reflect. Pen your own thoughts. Examine your own thoughts. Are they true, right and just? Do this often. Soon, you will find that small things will not offend you. I don’t mean you pay less attention to detail, for thoroughness is a great thing, not a little. I do mean you will cease feeling offended at such minor things as being called an imbecile. I mean that you will begin to feel more compassion, and that compassion will move you in the direction of positive action.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t know what to read? Contact me, I’ll tell you!

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