Dominate your market? Exploit your Niche?

Heard these statements somewhere at some time? “Dominate your market!” “Grow rich in your niche!” How about “Attracting your customers” and “Woo your buyers”? “Make it juicy for people”? While brand posturing, marketing and selling are of course very important, how many of you believe, really believe deep down inside, that your goods and services will truly deliver the highest value to your customers and clients? Our words affect our thinking and affect our subsequent actions more than I can say. If we constantly think along the lines of “dominate”, “exploit” and “attract”, for example, those words will sink into our consciousness, become our attitudes, be broadcast in our words and find expression in our actions. No longer will we see our customers and clients as people to whom we have something excitingly valuable to offer. We will start seeing them as buying machines and will start treating them as such. Why do you think “Sales” and “Customer Service” are two different departments comprised of typically different behavioural types? Why are those two departments so often at loggerheads with each other? Outlook. How we view all stakeholders.

Did you read about how changing your words can change your life? How have you applied that knowledge so far? If you haven’t done anything yet, try starting with eliminating “dominate” and “exploit” from your vocabulary. Increase the use of “deliver value”, “bring happiness” and “meet needs” and start experiencing a drastic change as your business takes an upswing. Stop focusing on the money, the profits, what you expect those profits will bring you. Set your heart and mind instead on what your customer needs. Isn’t your customer paying your salary? Isn’t your customer the one deciding how much revenue you will have? Money isn’t the root of all evil. The love of money is, get it right! Focus on delivering value, the profits, the money, will follow, and do not be discouraged if they seem to be taking their time. Ride it out! You’re the leader. Set the example today!

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