I don’t want to be Normal! Unless Normal is Virtue and Wisdom.

clones (1)Inducements to be normal are very powerful indeed. So powerful that individuals tend to remain silent and compliant when living in a highly “abnormal” society even when they feel things are not right. As a whole, we don’t want to believe the scientific evidence that the law of entropy is relentless and that the human race will become extinct in relatively short order if the genetic copying mistakes we all pass onto the next generation aren’t drastically reversed. No one likes to hear that, so we all eagerly await news of the “new normal”, the latest breakthroughs in the fields of science, medicine, technology and so forth. We read with relish what we like and throw out stuff we know to be true but don’t like. I suspect this post is one of the latter!

What is normal to you? Are you happy with it? Are you resigned to the fact? Stop it. You can chose to rise above normal and make a difference in the lives of others all around you. Now, if THAT becomes normal for you, then I want to be normal like you, too!

What is one way YOU can rise above normal today? Do it, and share what happened with us! For one thing, you can choose to be encouraging to one person today. Don’t know how? Maybe the blue ribbon movie might help you. True or not, the principle the story illustrates is surely a good one to live by! Click on the image below for the movie!


One of the things we do as human beings is project on to each other. We take our own backgrounds and experiences as “normal” and therefore imply that others who may not be quite like ourselves are “abnormal.” If we would recognize that all of us are actually of the same race, the human race, and that all skin colours are varying shades of melanin brown, we might come a step closer to establishing positive, value-creating relationships all round.

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