Energize Internally

If you want good fruit to grow, focus on the roots below! We often tend to concentrate on “low-hanging fruit”. Nothing wrong with that! Where low-hanging fruit is available, go for it! Unfortunately, most of us have a great tendency to look for fruit without looking after the roots in a consistent and proper manner. In the long run, this leads to failure in sphere after sphere of life, for failure in one sphere leads to failure in another. If you want consistent, long-term growth in your business and in all spheres of your life, then you must tend the roots. Come and start getting some practical handles on the “How”!

As part of the MAXIMIZERS mini-workshop series, Elijah Consulting is pleased to present the Energize Internally mini-workshop!


  • An illustration on the importance of character development.
  • Character, Personality and Skills.
  • A matter of Congruence.
  • Simple Steps to building good character in myself and others.
  • Committing to action.

Date & Time: Monday 5 Nov 2012, 1900 – 2100 hrs.

Light refreshments will be served from 1800 hrs. Come early and network with other participants! Remember to bring your business cards along!

Investment: $40 per participant. $60 for two participants registering together.



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