Evils Of Exposure. Get The Right Perspective!

HatchFor domestic chickens, a chick hatches after a 21-day period of incubation. The chick has to peck thousands of times at the shell before it emerges. It is a slow, laborious and exhausting process, and by the time the chick pops out of the egg, wet and tired, it has probably pecked at the shell perhaps 32,000 times! Poor chick. If only we could help it get out of its shell. Perhaps we could wait until before it starts the pecking process, or when it is a little way into it. That would help the chick, right? You know the answer, of course. The chick would die. It would not have the time to draw in the remainder of the yolk sac into its body, its muscles would not have had the opportunity to be worked out, and it would not have a good foundation upon which to start life.

This is just one example of the results of exposing young creatures to conditions in the external world too soon. There has been some outcry over Singapore’s National Library Board pulling some books off the shelves. These books were deemed unsuitable for children as they did not uphold family values. You know that I have always called a spade a spade. It is not that those books were unsuitable. They should not even have been published in the first place! Now, in any case, I do not think that “adult” books have any place in the “adult” sections either! Even from a totally humanistic point of view, engagement in homosexual and paedophilic lifestyles pushes the human race toward extinction. Now, the human genome is already showing us that that’s the direction we are all headed in, just that bringing up children to accept homosexual lifestyles pushes us towards extinction a lot faster.

Like it or not, we are all agents of exposure. Others are exposed to our values via our thoughts, words and actions. They emanate from us and affect others whether we like it or not. You, Leader, pause and reflect. Are your people being affected by you in the way you want? Are you exposing them to deletrious ideas, or are you sending out vibes that are true, right and just?

Exposure. Good when appropriate. Extremely bad when overdone. Too much exposure to beneficial sunlight is harmful. So is exposure to cyanide or depleted uranium. Let’s get some proper perspective here!

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