Feeling Overwhelmed? Try This. Stop It!

Chicken LittleDo you feel as if everything is happening all at once, that the sky is falling on you and you can’t find the energy to do anything? Well, try this. First of all, tell yourself, “Stop it!”

No, you are not overwhelmed, you just need to regain focus. Once you feel a little bit more settled, get started on one priority that you want to do anyway. Since the world is crashing down all around you, it really doesn’t matter, just do what you want to do and make it great!

Throw S.M.A.R.T. goals out the window. You’ve been trying to use them, and they don’t work, right? Put forth your hand, lay it on what you want to get done, and just go and do it! When you’re done, come back here and read some more.

Are you back? Good! Now, get a second and at most a third thing that you want done, done. Once you’ve finished, you might have noticed that you’ve lost a few customers, a few employees have left you and one or two deals have gone to pieces. Forget them, they were going to pieces anyway. By this time, it might be the end of your work day. Go home, have dinner with your family and get some sleep.

SurgeryGet up tomorrow. Repeat until things start to stabilize. Then re-work your priorities and move on!

Forget about tackling everything at once. Even major surgeries are done in stages, not all at once. Tell me if that helped!

When you’re in the thick of things, just go at what comes to you full-tilt; hammer, tongs and all. When you do that, you have no time to worry about the “big picture” and all the little details at the same time. No, you just tackle what’s in front of you with everything you’ve got. What’s the use of worrying? If you don’t go in full tilt, you’ll die anyway.

Stop it. Grab that monster and start chomping. That’s how you eat an elephant. A little at a time. But start eating.

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