Five Million. Let’s make it Five-Oh.

I attach the video link and also embed the video in this short post. It is a discussion between three eminent historians of today about the “Big Three” of the Second World War, namely Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin and how they fared vis-a-vis their national strategic goals as they went about defeating Hitler.

This is not a recent video, but it is what I consider “timeless” in depth and relevance, now and for future generations. It reminded me to remain diligent in thinking through our decisions and actions as far forward as we can, attempting, feebly as always, to include permutations and combinations so as to decide on the best courses of action available to us at the times we need to make those decisions and take those actions.

The one principal thing this video reminds me of is that we in Singapore are a nation of about five million. I do NOT say “only five million”. I say FIVE MILLION. In this world, we need to make FIVE MILLION heft FIFTY MILLION or even FIVE HUNDRED MILLION, if we care enough to have our collective eye on that goal.

Do get in touch if you would like to be part of that vision. You do not need to be Singaporean to do that. In the meantime, please enjoy the video. I certainly did.

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