For A First Follower, There Must Be A First Leader. Not Just A Lone Nut.

Derek Sivers says that leadership is overrated. Excuse me, Derek, I differ! There is no first follower if there is no first leader! Leadership is a package deal. Not only must a leader be bold enough to stand alone, if need be, but he must also be influential enough to inspire others to towards a higher plane of existence, towards the fulfillment of an ennobling vision, towards a state of selflessness that raises the spirit of generosity and the spirit of prosperity all round.

Leader IdeasA Lone Nut may not actually be a leader in the fullest sense of the word. Just as being a “Transformational” leader involves a package deal, and not merely the expression of certain desirable attrbutes, so must a Lone Nut consistently demonstrate strength of conviction and purpose, otherwise he remains a Lone Nut, and not a genuine leader.

So, go ahead! Develop the boldness to be a First Follower when appropriate. I follow others, too! And have the gumption to BE a leader as part of your life. Even if it means looking like a Lone Nut at times.

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