From the Design Workz blog 26 Dec 2012.

This is from the Design Workz blog, written on 26 Dec 2012. Interesting point, Design Workz being the lighthouse for the Premiere Logistics ship.

You can read the post here.

Project – Premiere Logistics Website

PREMIERE LOGiSTiCS (S) Pte Ltd specialises in freight services, custom brokerage and cold chain system. From the smallest package to airline containerized units to BUPs, general or hazardous commodities, there is nothing they cannot handle. So long as it fits into the aircraft, they can fly it to almost anywhere in the world.

Design Workz is happy to work with PREMIERE LOGiSTiCS. As the old saying goes, a lighthouse cannot be dimmed at all time, if not, ships will not be able to see the shoreline properly. PREMIERE LOGiSTiCS is a key player in the logistic industry, a giant ship, and Design Workz is the lighthouse providing the luminance for their brand.

We wish them a prosperous journey.


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