Generational Generalities. How Germane. How Not.

Baby Boomers. Gen X. Gen Y. Gen Z. Gen Gap. Gen Repeat Process. Gen ad infinitum.

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We really love labelling, stereotyping and generalizing, don’t we? Just because some “expert” said that “studies have shown that…”, means we pick up the paint roller and give all and sundry the broad-brush treatment. Does that happen to you? How so? Do you find it difficult to deal with Gen Y at your workplace? Why do you think that way? How is it that we do not think of the strengths that Gen Y brings to the workplace? Why is it that just because some of our people happen to have been born during a certain time span, we have to assume that they will have certain characteristics, and brace ourselves for what we expect to be negative experiences? What ever happened to engaging with each of our staff as persons, as individuals worthy of our time and effort to develop healthy relationships with?

Are all Baby Boomers loyal, dependable, etc? I’ve met quite a few Baby Boomer cry-babies. Are all Gen Ys self-interested, have short attention spans, etc? Obviously not! The real trouble is that we as leaders have been too lazy to set aside the time and resources to engage with them in a positive manner. Get that out of your system today, and start engaging with all your staff, co-workers, yes, bosses, leaders, managers, the office cleaner and the food stall operator.

I wager that will save you so much time, you’ll wonder where all your work went to. Get down to it today!

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