Get To The Point! What? Always?

Death by PCSlow death by Political Correctness (PC) is to me a painful death to die. I always wonder why we can’t get to the point, why we can’t call a spade a spade. I don’t object to using euphemisms, if the context, intent and situation call for their use. So, what’s the difference?

Political Correctness seeks to avoid issues in order to protect one’s own reputation, abscond personal responsibility and divert attention away from the real issues that need to be addressed. It is the mother of all lies. I don’t need to give you examples, you read about them every day. On the other hand, euphemisms allow us to “speak around” sensitive topics or issues in order not to aggravate or rub salt into the wounds already inflicted upon others. For example, we don’t say things like “He’s dead” when breaking news about the passing of someone’s loved one in an accident to that particular someone, whom we’ll call Jane. Yes, it’s true that Jane’s loved one has died in an accident, but it doesn’t help to talk as though Jane’s loved one has just had his head blown off and you were reporting a battle casualty to HQ.

So, yes, get to the point! Tell the truth, be accountable for your actions and words, and call others to accountability. Rebuke and refute where necessary. Comfort and encourage where necessary, too. But never, never, ever, be Politically Correct. You will lose all credibility and it would be hard for people around you to ever trust you again.

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