Go Ahead, Make Yourself Rich!

Getting PaidYes, I wrote that. Pretty uncharacteristic of me, but I wrote that. Do you want to be rich? Why? What does being rich mean to you? Not having to work another day in your life? Being able to do all the things you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t had the resources? What does “work” mean to you? What are all those things you’ve been wanting to do all your life? Visualize yourself accomplishing them. Would accomplishing what you’ve always wanted really make you happy?

Leap_1We chase shadows and vapours most of the time. The irony is that, if we really stopped to think and reflect, we actually do know that we are chasing after bubbles that will burst when we catch them. We have read and heard enough about what people say before they die, what they wish they had done better. We know that in the main, it is relationships that matter, not our bank accounts or access to endless spas and holidays. Those get boring after a very short while, ja? So, how do we really get rich, and why should we even attempt to get rich?

AdoptThe first thing is to understand what true riches entails. Have we invested in relationships? How much time have we spent enriching the lives of family members, relatives, friends, co-workers, the neighbourhood cleaner, the bus driver, the waitress at the restaurant? You know it’s not about giving them more money, although that doesn’t hurt. It’s about getting to know them as persons and allowing them to know you as a person, too. Have you spent time developing one good relationship today?

That’s how we enrich ourselves. By sustaining great relationships. Takes time and effort, and that might be a lot for some of us. But it pays off well. Invest in your relationships. The money will follow.

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