Good enough for a nest

Decorative structure made of steel. The nest was in the hollow hypotenuse.

I’ve been wanting to take a photo of the nest that mynahs keep using at the ground floor of the apartment block I live in. Every now and then, there would be the sounds of young birds cheeping and sights of adult mynahs moving in and out of the nest. The said nest was made inside some hollow steel structures that had been added some years earlier, presumably to liven up the facade of the apartment block. I brought a ladder downstairs and managed to get a picture of the chicks in the nest.

That’s where the chicks were

Living things respond to changes in the environment and are able to make full use of what’s available to their own advantage. It’s also an expression of the creativity that is inborn. People are living beings, too. We can certainly adapt to changes in our environment. Indeed, we often shape the environment to suit our own needs and wants better.

Seems to me that much of the world is being conditioned to think that we are helpless unless some government program is implemented to help us live our best lives. Is our ability to adapt to our environment and continue being fruitful being eroded? What’s your choice? Continue being robustly fruitful or continue to play the victim? Choose life!

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